About World Textile Expo
And World Shoe & Footwear Expo

As the world of business continues to evolve, companies and organization are seeking for avenues to gain recognition at a global level. The World Textile & Shoe Expo is a breaking ground for companies of any size worldwide that operate within the context of textile and shoe manufacturing to showcase their products to the global community.

The World Textile & Shoe Expo will provide a global platform for outstanding textile companies and tannery industries to network, connect and share their innovations and promote excellence. The expo will create a business matching process to make upcoming textile companies and shoe manufacturing industries relevant and reward them with new clients, partners and existing companies in the entire supply chain from fiber production through to end stitched product.

The Expo will also help aforementioned industries to increase their customer base and grow profits, provide PR and marketing opportunities, help break in to new markets and countries, and enhance the credibility of their products.